Mrs. Wolf’s Kindergarten News
May 20, 2015

Only 6 school days left! Can’t believe it!
Tomorrow is ALL SHARE DAY!
My students can bring something unique to share. It must fit in their backpack:)
ABC Countdown This Week
Thursday U-Unique Day (Bring something unique to share.) All share day.
Friday V-Visit a 1st Grade (postponed until Tuesday)
Monday - No School
Tuesday W-Welcome to the last week of Kindergarten!
Wednesday X-eXtra Recess Day
Thursday Y-Year End Clean Up Day
Friday Z-Zip Your Bag and Enjoy Summer!!!!
Mrs. Wolf’s Kindergarten Picnic
  Don’t forget our class picnic on Tuesday, May 26th, 5:30-6:45pm. Bring your family’s picnic supper.  Plan on eating, playing outside (weather permitting) and watching the kindergarten program @ 6pm.  Can’t wait to see you there!
  Yikes it’s been really cold! Dress in layers please. Please make sure to send a jacket or a sweatshirt to school.
 We will once again be using clues in the pictures, evidence in stories and what we already know, so that we can draw conclusions. We are currently reading “Junie B. Jones First Grader, Toothless Wonder.” We are often using things we know and evidence in the story to draw conclusions about that silly and naughty Junie B.! Ask your child about it:)
  This unit focuses on the long a sound. We are learning that ai and ay make the long a sound. (ay is used with words that end in the long a sound.)
Sight words: is, a, the, has, and, of, with, see, for, no, cannot
Decodable words to sound out, blend and spell: tail, gain, rain, mail, wait, quail, may, day, say
  In Math we fell behind a couple days so…will be learning about telling time to the hour, $1 bill and practice exchanging money with the coin exchange game. We will also be learning about how to solve number sentences that are missing a number. For example: 3 + ___ = 7,  5 = 2 + ___,  8 - ___ = 2, etc. Try this out and home and see how your child does. It’s really amazing to me because this skill is really ALGEBRA! (Solve for X!)
BUILD Math Skills
B- Buddy Games
1.       Time Match Game
2.     High Roller Dice Game
3.     1s, 10s, 100s Game
U- Using Technology
1. – Number Order and Skip Counting
I- Independent Math
1.       Name Collections
L- Learning About Math
1.       Arranging numbers
D- Doing Math with Mrs. Wolf
1.       Various skills depending on ability. (Adding 2 and 3 digit numbers, number grid awareness, turn around facts with fact triangles, etc.)
 I wanted to inform you about a video that we watched today as part of a short unit on safety in Health.  It’s called What Tadoo?
The objectives of this video are
-    To teach the children straightforward tools to protect themselves – Say no, get away, yell and tell someone.
-    Recognize lures that may be used to trick them
-    Learn that it is important to ‘tell’ even if the person is someone they know.
-    Recognize that not all touches are good and how to act on these feelings.
-    Discuss a family password to establish if someone is a “safe” person.
-    Who to go to for help.
We have reviewed the video today.  This would be a good opportunity to see if your child has any questions about what to do in these situations.  While I don’t want to worry any child, I do want the children to feel prepared if one of these types of situations should arise.
Dates to Remember
May 21st – Ice Cream Social/5th Grade Art Fair
May 22nd – Husky Fun Run (K runs from 9:05 – 9:55am)
May 26th – Mrs. Wolf’s Kindergarten Picnic 5:30pm
May 27th – Sibley Park Field Trip 8:30-11:00am
May 28th – Hoover Field Day
May 29th – Last Day of School for Students

Math Shapes:

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