Me & My Classroom

Sing, Dance and Play Your Way Through Kindergarten!
Welcome to Kindergarten
Class of 2027!

My family. Alix, Darrell, Lexi, Abi, Willie and Mrs. Wolf
A Little About Me
  Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Mrs. Wolf.  My first name is Kari. It is Norwegian and is pronounced “Coddie,” but I answer to just about anything (including mom, ma, teacher, etc.)

  I am thrilled to begin my 7th year in Kindergarten at Hoover. My true passion is teaching and the daily joys and challenges it presents. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this school year but I thought you might want to know a bit more about me.

Mrs. Wolf and Darrell - May 2014
  I am married to Darrell Wolf. We live in North Mankato.  Combined we have 4 children: Abi – 19, Willie – 16, Lexi – 15, and Alix – 13.  We also have a dog named Harley.

  Before working as a Kindergarten Teacher, I had a variety of jobs, I have taught preschool in a center, run a home daycare, taught child birth education and I was a Mankato Clinic Doula. (Notice how they all involve teaching or children??? J)

  I enjoy cheering my children on in their various sporting events, reading!!! (20+ books this summer!), boating with my family, theater and sleeping-in any chance I get!

  My hope is that I am able to connect with every child and I am able to help them believe they can do anything through patience and practice.

  Communication is key to a successful year, so please let me know any thoughts, questions or concerns you might have. I will communicate with you through my blog, newsletters, e-mail for last minute things and phone calls as needed.

  Visitors are always welcome in my classroom. (Don’t be surprised if I put you to work!) Please do send me an email or a note so that I can let you know where we will be in the building.

Special Schedule

Tuesday Folders
  Each Tuesday your child will bring home their Tuesday Folder.  This folder will have notes from me, the district, Hoover PTA, Principal Dan Kamphoff and other various organizations.  It’s very important to look over this information and return this folder on Wednesday.

  Your child will have the opportunity to bring a show-n-tell item when they bring home the sharing bag.  This bag will rotate through the students one by one. When your child brings it home, please follow the directions in the bag and return it the next school day.

First Time Listeners
  Once school begins you might hear from your child the phrase “Be a 1st Time Listener!” This means that the students should listen and follow the directions the first time they are given.  It saves us tons of time if I don’t need to repeat myself. This will allow for a lot more “fun” in our day.  Please daily encourage your child to be a first time listener.

  We will celebrate your child’s special day on their birthday (or a prearranged date for summer birthdays).  Treats may be sent on birthdays.  Also note when planning your child’s birthday party that invitations should be sent through the mail unless you are inviting ALL the children in our class.

Water Bottles
   In my classroom we keep mini water bottles on our tables so that we can get a drink anytime we need one.  I have found that this truly helps keep interruptions to a minimum, while learning stays at a maximum.  If you are able, please look for a sign-up to donate 24 mini water bottles to our class, then I will send home a note letting you know when your turn arrives.

This year again we will have a healthy snack cart available. There will be several choices each day for students including: bananas, carrots, apples, oranges, string cheese, pretzels, etc. The cost for the Snack Cart is only $45 for the year (about 26 cents a day!). Students who are already on the free and reduced lunch will be eligible for the snack cart at no charge. Scholarships are also available.

    How to Help at Home
  •   Help your child eat healthy and get a good night’s rest.
  •  Let your child see you read and read to your child at least once a day. (15 minutes for Lights, Camera, Read!)
  • Be a good role model, showing enthusiasm for learning and respect for authority.
  • Stress the value of cooperation and compromise rather than competition and winning.
  • Count with your child in a variety of ways.
  • Put magnetic letters on your refrigerator so he/she can use them to explore learning letters and making words.
  •  Keep a special tub with paper, pencils, crayons, safety scissors and glue to generate an interest in writing and creativity.