Sunday, October 5, 2014

Learning to write...

In Kindergarten we start writing by labeling pictures we have drawn. To teach this concept we start with a drawing of a girl and begin to label her. This is what it looks like:
You may notice that some parts have only 1 letter, some parts have more. We practice listening for sounds in Kindergarten because it is a critical part of learning to read. Once we can hear a sound, then we identify it and write it down. If you look closely you will see labels for ears, head, necklace, body, mouth, etc. None of labels are spelt how you and I would, but we are Kindergarten and we are just learning. 
Some of us are ready for more. Below you will see a drawing by RJ and how he labeled his picture. He is hearing a few more sounds than others. THIS IS TOTALLY KINDERGARTEN APPROPRIATE! Notice that he did not spell everything letter for letter correctly or even the correct letter for the sounds, but this is how we start writing and by the end of the year you as parents will be amazed how far they will go. PLEASE, PLEASE encourage your child to listen for the sounds they hear when printing. Spelling will just come later.

Enjoy the video of the last few weeks:)